Game Changer

Every individual, at every stage of life, experiences events beyond our control. Some are traumatic, or even tragic—fatal accidents, crippling illness or injury, the tragic death of loved ones, legal prosecution, career ruin.

Others occur day by day—we witness an accident or hardship, and face a myriad of decisions at home, with friends or in business that can have profound impact on the trajectory of our lives and others and even set the stage for future events.

As lifelong Game Changers, John Swallow, former Attorney General, Corporate General Counsel and Law Firm Shareholder and Kathy Loveless, CSP to more than 100 government agencies and Fortune 100 companies, have developed a way of thinking, a program and a set of actions that have led the organizations and individuals they have counseled to increasing success.

Keynote Speaker for Organizations and Corporations Around the World


John Swallow is Principle and President of Change Strategies, LLC. A former Attorney General for the State of Utah, he is known widely for his influence as a gifted attorney, a principled legislator, a passionate policymaker and a dedicated public servant. He brings more than 30 years of experience as a high achiever in many realms of public and professional life. In addition to his role as a speaker, educator and attorney, he is an advocate for prosecutorial change that is outlined in his forthcoming book, “Allegation Nation.”

Private Education and Training

Allegations (both real and false) of harassment, bullying and intimidation are rampant in today’s business environment. They result in harmed employees and damaged careers, causing decreased productivity and customer service. Often the impact of these issues goes all the way to the CEO and Board.

Change Destructive Habits

Creating and providing custom training designed to address jugular issues, break old habits and permanently change destructive cultures in a warm and entertaining style that fosters interest and cooperation among workers and leaders alike.

Unique Coaching Model

From his own experience and research, Mr. Swallow adds a unique coaching module to help leaders survive false attacks that place careers at risk. This customized 10 point Reputation Management program is unmatched among other leadership and professional programs today.